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Start to plan and take action as early as you can.

The overriding message that clubs give in their evaluations each year was the awareness that you need to plan early, plan well and start the process as soon as possible. Clubs that planned early and planned well really did make a difference.

Be proactive!

Decide on your aims and objectives - read the Step-by-Step Guide and Case Studies from clubs that have taken part in the past at

Form a small team to take charge of your event

Don't leave everything to just one person! It's important to share the planning and management of your event amongst a few people. You could have one person in charge of what needs doing, another in charge of allocating people to tasks, another in charge of catering etc. Plan this in advance of your event to help things run smoothly.


Not only details of the projects, but the reasons for doing them.  It's important to emphasise to everyone the difference their contribution can make to the club.

Skills Audit/People Inventory

Find out where each of your club members works - they may have great contacts and may be able to get what the club needs or they may know someone else that does. Ask what skills your members have and be sure to record this on a data base.

Ask for everything

Don't be shy about asking anyone for anything - the worst that can happen is that they say 'no' - 'If you don't ask you don't get!'   Always follow-up written communication with a telephone call or face to face communication. Enthusiasm and passion go a long way and in the main, those you ask will want to be involved in something that is successful.

Enjoy your success….

As your projects progress and the support comes in, keep all of your members and supporters update - everyone loves good news!

Saying 'thank you' - not just at the end, but from the first time you hear 'yes'.

Volunteers are the most vital resource for any club and whether it's someone helping for the first time or a regular helper at the club make sure you say thanks and show your appreciation for their time and effort. Also, during your event keep the teas, coffee, bacon butties etc. coming to help keep your workers happy!

A job for everyone

Plan ahead and make sure that everyone has a job - don't waste volunteer time and labour.  Be prepared for people unexpectedly turning up on the weekend - know how to manage them and who will be responsible for them.  Don't lose them through not being prepared!!

A well planned event may mean your club members and members of the local community being involved in the club for the first time.  Make sure that someone talks with them about their experience and asks them/encourages them to take an active part in the club in the future.

Use this event to recruit people into key volunteer roles at your club i.e. Club Fundraiser, Social Secretary, Under 13 team Manager, Junior Co-ordinator etc.


During your NatWest CricketForce event don't forget to tweet about your progress using the #NWCF hashtag @ECB_Cricket will be keeping an eye out on all #NWCF activity and re-tweeting the best stories.

If you need any further support planning and running your NatWest CricketForce event please email us at